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    The Steele Group is a full service real estate company with the knowledge, experience and relationships to successfully navigate the challenging real estate landscape in today's world.

    Whether a conventional sales transaction or the expertise needed to manage, maintain, operate or liquidate a commercial property, the Steele Group has the tools to get the job done.

    With over 35 years experience in the real estate industry, the Steele Group's strategic advantage is extensive knowledge of and unparalleled access to the best technical, legal, government and regulatory resources available.

    With the many potential pitfalls involved in any real estate transaction today, you need an organization that can bring all of these resources to bear to yield a successful and profitable result.

    You need the Steele Group ...

    We view the current economic climate as full of opportunities for those that are well positioned to take advantage of them.

    The Steele Group combines it's technical expertise and global view with local experience and relationships cultivated over 35 years to maximize profitable outcomes for its customers and stakeholders.

    In today's tough evironment, you need "The Strength of Steele"


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